What You Need To Know

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Who Are You?
We have been in the adult business for almost 2 decades by now. Running everything from Paysites, Tubes, TGP’s, AVS, Link Lists and Blogs. We know what we are doing.

Which Countries Are The Traffic From?
Tier 1 Countries

What Sites Are The Traffic From?
The Big Guys 😉

Why Do You Send Traffic Through AdultTrafficFlow.com?
1. Because it gives us additional data to analyze.
2. Because people are copycats, so without referrals we protect our business.

Without Referrals, Should I Be Worried?
Not at all. We have been in the adult game for almost 20 years and only managed to do so by being honest. Simply look at the sales our traffic generates, and you can see it is all good. We are looking for honest long term business and the traffic are from the Big Guys, so no worries.

What Type of Traffic Is It?
It Depends on the concept that works best for your affiliate program. It will always be one of the following:

1. Clicked Banners on websites (Best Conv.)
2. Popup / Popunder from websites (Larger Volume, Lower Conv.)
3. Skimmed Traffic from websites (Larger Volume, Lower Conv.)

We DO NOT work with Email, Spam and shit like that.

How Much Traffic Can You Send?
Quite a lot. However we prefer to work together with the affiliate programs, to build things up step by step. Making sure it is profitable for both of us.

How Can we Contract You?
We prefer to be in dialog with the affiliate programs we send traffic to. So do us the favor of hitting us up at support@adulttrafficflow.net

What Now?
Let’s get to work and make some money 😉